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Quickly and easily put the right candidates in front of you with advanced search in recruitment.


Basic Candidate Search in the recruitment process

Search for candidates who have certain words in their resume or profile. This can include specific job titles or skills.
For example, if you want to find a candidate that has experience with graphic design, HTML, CSS, and certain programs such as Adobe Photoshop, you could type in all of these keywords to see if any candidates match this search.
Search for candidates based on their location (country, city, or state). For example, if you have multiple business locations and you only want to review local candidates for a specific location, you could type in that place.

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Advanced Candidates’ Search in recruiting

Filter your candidates' profiles by advanced search criteria in the recruiting process, like preferred workplace, years of experience, and salary expectations.
For example, if you are looking for experienced candidates who can fill a supervisor role, you may want to select more than 5 years of experience and people highly interested in people management.

Current 8
Open to relocate 11
JavaServer Pages 16
Struts 12
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Candidates’ Search in other recruiters databases

Recruiting CRM is integrated with the recruiting marketplace.
You can use the Talentroom network to get instant access to the network of other recruiters and search for the right candidates across the other recruiters' databases. When you find the perfect profile you have to contact the representative of this candidate and continue the recruitment process.

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