Looking for a Manatal Alternative? Recruiting CRM is Your Solution in 2024

See why Recruiting CRM is the preferred Manatal alternative for agencies and independent recruiters seeking comprehensive, cost-effective recruitment solutions.

Why Recruiting CRM is the best Manatal Alternative


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Advanced Candidate Search & Management

Discover how our powerful search capabilities and streamlined candidate management system outperform Zoho Recruit, making it easier to find and place the perfect candidates.

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Connect with a Broad Recruiters’ Network

Venture beyond the confines of your existing candidate database. With Recruiting CRM, tap into an extensive network of recruiters and capitalize on collective databases, achieving a candidate sourcing that knows no bounds.

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Intuitive Hiring Pipeline Visualization

Navigate your recruitment pipeline with ease, thanks to our user-friendly dashboard. Visual tracking of every candidate phase from application to hire ensures a seamless hiring process, leaving no candidate forgotten and no opportunity missed.

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What is Manatal?

Manatal transforms recruitment with its cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), designed to streamline the hiring process for both staffing agencies and corporate HR teams. This all-encompassing platform marries advanced technology with user-friendly functionality, making it an essential tool for modern recruiters.

Essential Features of Manatal:

  • Tailored Recruitment Workflows: Adapt recruitment workflows to fit unique organizational needs, ensuring a seamless integration with your company’s hiring process.
  • AI-Driven Candidate Matching: Leverage artificial intelligence to pair job vacancies with suitable candidates swiftly, aiming to significantly reduce the time-to-hire.
  • Extensive Sourcing Options: Access a broad array of candidate sourcing channels, from job boards and social media platforms to an expansive internal candidate database, ensuring no talent opportunity is missed.
  • Automated Candidate Engagement: Utilize automated communication tools for consistent and efficient interaction with candidates, streamlining team coordination and enhancing the recruitment experience.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Benefit from customizable reporting tools and analytics, providing deep insights into the recruitment process for informed, strategic decision-making.
  • Seamless System Integration: Easily connect with Manatal’s ecosystem and various third-party applications, expanding functionality and enriching the user experience.

Manatal is engineered to cater to diverse recruiting requirements:

  • For Staffing Agencies: Offers a comprehensive toolkit for managing the complete recruitment cycle, ensuring efficient candidate sourcing and placement.
  • For Corporate HR Departments: Delivers strategic tools to enhance talent acquisition, from candidate management to engagement strategies.

Manatal Pricing Tiers

Manatal Pricing (10) Tiers:

1. Professional Plan:

  • Price: $15/user/month (billed annually)
  • Active Jobs: Up to 50
  • Features: Tailored for growing businesses, this plan introduces advanced features such as AI-powered candidate recommendations, enhanced candidate sourcing channels, and automated communication workflows. 

2. Growthl Plan:

  • Price: $35/user/month (billed annually)
  • Active Jobs: Unlimited
  • Features: Aimed at professional staffing agencies and large HR departments, this plan offers unlimited job postings, comprehensive analytics and reporting, custom workflow creation, and premium customer support. 

3. Custom Solution:

  • Custom Pricing
  • Active Jobs: Unlimited
  • Features: The Enterprise solution provides a customizable recruitment platform tailored to your specific business requirements.

RecruitingCRM’s Unique Offering:

  • Zero Cost, Zero Compromise: RecruitingCRM offers an unlimited number of job postings and full access to its advanced features without any fees. It's our belief that cost should not be a barrier to access effective recruiting software.
  • All-in-One Platform: Enjoy the benefits of advanced candidate management, seamless communication tools, and in-depth analytics to enhance your hiring process without the need for multiple subscriptions or additional software.
  • Scalability Without Extra Costs: With RecruitingCRM, your software grows as your agency does. There's no need to navigate complex upgrade paths or worry about additional costs as you expand. Every feature remains available to you, free of charge, so you can focus on what you do best—recruiting.

Head-to-Head recruiting software comparison: Manatal vs. Recruiting CRM

Comparing the essential features shows why Recruiting CRM is the top recruitment agency software aiming for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive recruitment solutions.



Recruitment network

Powerful search

Hiring pipeline

Collaboration suite


$15 per user/month
(Free trial available for 14 days)


Manatal Pros and Cons


  • Applicant tracking system
  • Powerful candidate search
  • Advanced analytics
  • AI capabilities


  • Does not offer access to the network of other recruiters
  • Pricing is not suitable for small and medium recruitment agencies
While Manatal offers an impressive suite of features including advanced ATS capabilities and seamless integration options, RecruitingCRM distinguishes itself as the superior choice for recruitment agencies seeking more than just software. RecruitingCRM's edge lies in its unparalleled accessibility and value, positioning it as the preferred alternative for agencies of all sizes, especially for those who prioritize cost-efficiency and comprehensive networking opportunities.
RecruitingCRM transcends the traditional boundaries of recruitment software by offering a completely free platform, removing the financial barriers often encountered with tiered pricing models. This approach ensures that agencies and independent recruiters have immediate access to a full suite of features, from candidate management to advanced analytics, without the concern of escalating costs as their business grows.
Moreover, RecruitingCRM's commitment to fostering a broad network of recruiters offers a unique advantage. It opens up a wealth of collaborative opportunities and access to a wider talent pool, a feature that is notably absent in Manatal's offering. This aspect of RecruitingCRM not only amplifies its functionality but also enhances its appeal to recruiters looking for dynamic solutions in today’s competitive market.

Recruiting CRM is the Best Manatal alternative.

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