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Unlimited clients & jobs

Manage all your clients in one place & collaborate with them on the jobs you plan to fill.

Unlimited candidates

Import or add as many candidates’ profiles as you need.

Stunning client proposals

Design customized proposals for your existing and potential clients.

Chrome extension

Import candidates’ profiles directly from LinkedIn to the recruitment CRM software.

Powerful search

Search, filter, and shortlist the right candidates in your recruitment CRM database.

Candidate enrichment

Build beautiful candidate profiles to make them stand out.

Hiring pipeline

Get the consolidated view of the hiring pipeline so you stay on top of things.

Collaboration suite

Use our agency recruitment software to communicate with clients and candidates.

Branded recruiter page

Easily build & edit online recruiting profile.

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What’s The Catch?

Recruiting CRM is integrated with the TalentRoom recruiting marketplace. This marketplace allows you to showcase your candidates anonymously. In this case, the companies and other recruiters can discover the candidates enrolled under your recruiter account but without the ability to contact them. At the same time, you get instant access to the network of other recruiters and can search for the right candidates across the other recruiters' databases.

All placements of your candidates to your own clients are completely free. But, once you find the perfect candidate or the new client in the TalentRoom network, there is a platform fee after the successful placement. The other case is when other recruiting agencies discover the perfect candidate under your account and propose to split the money from their client contract value. So the Recruiting CRM only takes a fee when you get extra business from the marketplace.

Optional: Fee Structure of our recruitment marketplace

General Fee Structure

Who represents the candidate? Who represents the client? Price (out of 100% contract value)
You You FREE forver
You TalentRoom 25% of the placement fee goes to TalentRoom,
75% goes to you
TalentRoom You
You Other recruiter 12% of the placement fee goes to TalentRoom,
88% is split 50:50 between you and the other recruiter (you get 44% of the contract value)
Other recruiter You

Referral Partner Fee Structure

Who represents the candidate? Who represents the client? Price (out of 100% contract value) (candidate referred by you) 85% of the split fee goes to TalentRoom,
15% goes to you

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