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Streamline clients’ management in recruiting.


Add and Manage your clients in one place

Easily add your clients to our client management tool for recruitment.

Amazon Inc.
(25k+ employees)
Seattle, United States
Apple Ltd.
(10k+ employees)
Cupertino, United States
Oracle Co.

Add Clients’ Contacts to our client management system for recruiting

Keep your communication tidy by adding, editing, and managing your contacts in the specific company.

Company contacts
Keep communication tidy by adding, editing and managing your contacts
Company Contact (Human Resources)
Edit contact
Delete contact
Company CEO (Decision Maker)

Create and manage New Job Openings in your recruitment CRM database

Add new job openings from your client, put in the job terms according to your client’s template, and add new ones when required.


Manage your Fees and Terms for each client

Create individual terms template for each client, and save it for future use in our recruiting agency CRM.

Team templates
Manage your fees and terms applicable for job placements
Design Terms
Developer Terms

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