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Pricing and Plans

Yes, Recruiting CRM is indeed free to use for all your recruitment activities with your own clients, with no hidden costs involved. Recruiters or agencis simply sign up and gain access to all the features needed to manage the recruitment process efficiently.

We make this possible because Recruiting CRM is part of an integrated system with the TalentRoom recruiting marketplace. TalentRoom serves as a vast recruiting network where you can anonymously showcase your candidates. While this allows other recruiters and companies to discover your candidates, they can't directly contact them. This integration gives you the advantage of accessing a wide network of other recruiters and their candidate databases.

Now, here's where our business model comes into play. All placements involving your candidates and your own clients remain completely free. We only impose a platform fee in two specific scenarios:

  1. You discover a perfect candidate or a new client within the TalentRoom network, and a successful placement is made.
  2. Other recruitment agencies find an ideal candidate from your account and suggest splitting the earnings from their client contract value.

In these cases, Recruiting CRM charges a fee, essentially when you gain extra business through the TalentRoom marketplace. So while the base software is free to use, we have a sustainable model that allows us to support and continuously enhance the Recruiting CRM platform.


Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) software is a tool designed to manage relationships with current and potential job candidates. It streamlines the recruitment process by helping recruiters manage clients, candidates, and jobs more efficiently, replacing clunky spreadsheets and manual processes.

Recruitment CRM software is ideal for small to mid-sized recruitment agencies and independent recruiters. It's also beneficial for larger organizations looking to streamline their hiring process and manage candidate relationships more effectively.

While a regular CRM focuses on managing customer relationships, a recruitment CRM is specifically designed for managing relationships with job candidates. An ATS, on the other hand, is used for tracking applications throughout the hiring process. Recruiting CRM combines the functionalities of both, enabling efficient candidate management, client handling, and job tracking.

Features and Functionality

The key features of our recruitment CRM software include easy client and job management, customizable client proposals, LinkedIn integration, and candidate database, advanced search and shortlisting, easy candidate sharing with clients, hiring pipeline tracking, and efficient communication.

Candidate management in our recruitment CRM software is efficient and streamlined. Users can import candidate profiles directly from LinkedIn using our Chrome Extension. Our powerful search functionality helps find and shortlist qualified candidates that best fit the client's requirements.

Client management in our software allows users to effortlessly add clients and jobs to their accounts, managing them all in one place. Users can also design customized proposals for potential clients, effectively negotiating terms and conditions through the online recruiting system.

Our hiring pipeline feature provides a consolidated view of the hiring process. Users can track the status of opportunities and follow candidates through every phase of the hiring process. This ensures no opportunity is missed and every candidate's status is accounted for.

The collaboration suite in our recruitment CRM software fosters teamwork and improves communication within the recruitment team. It enables sharing of candidate information, notes, and tasks, leading to more informed decisions and a smoother hiring process.

Support and Resources

We provide comprehensive customer support for all users of our recruitment CRM software. This includes email support and a knowledge base where you can understand how to start working with the software.

Yes, we offer a range of resources to help you get started with our recruitment CRM software. This includes step-by-step tutorials, a knowledge base, and best practice articles available on our website. These resources are designed to help you make the most of our software and optimize your recruitment process.

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