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Amazon Inc.
(25k+ employees)
Seattle, United States
Apple Ltd.
(10k+ employees)
Cupertino, United States
Oracle Co.

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Hi Mike, I am Ruben Evans representing these great candidates. Would you be interested to consider them for the Senior Java Developer position?

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15 %
of yearly contract value
20 days
30 %
30 %
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Thomas Wards
Senior Java Developer
Prague, Czech Republic
I am season Java developer that started my careed doing websites for friends started my careed doing websites for friends ... Read more
Timothy Banks
React Native developer

Hiring Pipeline

Easily visualize your hiring pipeline in our web-based recruitment system through a Kanban view.

Track where every candidate is in their hiring journey with just a few clicks, and get a quick look at the status of your job openings using our recruitment management platform.

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Thomas Wards
Senior Java Developer | Amazon Inc.
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