Collaboration Suite for recruitment agencies

Collaborate with all recruitment stakeholders in one place. Manage effective communication on various job opportunities between your internal recruitment team, and externally with clients & candidates.


Interact with your Candidates

Use our candidate management software for recruiters to communicate with your candidates' pool.
Ask candidates to confirm you as their recruiter and make propositions on specific job opportunities within our in-app chat.

Today, 07:15
Hi, Mike, are you ready to set up an interview with Thomas Wards?
Hello Ruben! Yes, he is a perfect candidate for this position. I'll choose the date and time for the interview.

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Keep Track of All Communication with your clients in one place

Make use of separate chats for each specific client and keep track of all communication with them in our recruitment collaboration suite.
Discuss and confirm your fees and terms applicable for various job placements.
Propose candidates for different job opportunities and get real-time feedback right within the chat.

Search inbox
Thanks for your interest in Thomas...
Daniel, Amanda, Bob
Bob: Hi, how’re you doing?
I don’t know, can we...
Jan 2
Are you available for a quick...
Tyler, Cassie
Jan 1
Cassie: Have a good day!

Collaborate on Job Opportunities with all parties involved

Make use of the separate communication channels for different job opportunities.
Keep track of all communications regarding the specific job opportunity in one place.
Get notifications on various pipeline changes and discuss their progress with all recruitment stakeholders.
Tag your candidates or clients in the chat to make job-specific comments. Assigned stakeholders receive email notifications of all your messages within our collaboration suite for recruiting when they are offline.

Chat participants
Thomas Wards
Senior Java Developer | Amazon Inc.
Marry Gold
Senior Recruiter
Marina Larson
Product Manager
James Arthur
Company representative

Communicate with Other Recruitment Agencies and Independent Recruiters within our recruitment collaboration suite

Discuss and confirm your split deals fees and terms applicable for various job opportunities.
Keep the talent manager in the know of the progress in the job placement.

Split deal proposal
Thomas’ Expectations
100,000 €
Placement Fee (%)
20 %
Potential Deal Value
20,000 €
You (40%)
Ruben (60%)
Payment terms You Ruben
40% when the contract is signed 3,200 € 4,800 €
40% on talent start date 3,200 € 4,800 €
20% in 30 days after start date 1,600 € 2,400 €
TalentRoom fee (10%) -1,000 € -1,000 €
Total 8,000 € 12,000 €

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