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Try Recruiting CRM, free recruiting agency software. Streamline your recruitment processes to find, engage, and recruit the best talent faster.

Why Recruiting CRM is the best Recruiterflow Alternative for recruiting agencies


Completely Free

No setup or monthly fee. Just sign-up and get all the features you need to recruit the best talent using our recruitment management system.


Instant Access to the network of other recruiters

Build a powerful recruitment network on our platform and collaborate seamlessly with other recruiters. Use the databases of other recruitment agencies to search for the right candidates.

Searching in
Independent Talent
Other Recruiters’ Talent
Messaged Talent
My Talent
Messaged Talent

User-friendly Interface

Manage the hiring process from end to end in easy-to-use and intuitive recruiting software for agencies. See all your jobs and updated candidate stages at a glance in our recruitment management system.


Advanced search with Smart Filters

Search candidates by role, skill or location in your agency recruitment database. Then filter by using advanced search criteria, like preferred workplace, years of experience, and salary expectations.

Current 8
Open to relocate 11
JavaServer Pages 16
Struts 12
Salary expectations (in USD)

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What is Recruiterflow?

Recruiterflow is the applicant tracking software for recruiting & staffing agencies.
The platform’s key differentiator is the applicant tracking system that streamlines all workflows to help customers quickly find the perfect candidate.

Recruiterflow Pricing

The product has three pricing editions, from €99 to €129 per user/month. A free trial is also available for 14 days. You can compare different pricing editions on the company’s website and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Recruiterflow vs Recruiting CRM

Get a head-to-head comparison of features to learn how we dwarf the competition.


Chrome extension*

Recruitment network

Smart filters

Hiring pipeline

Collaboration suite


$99 – 129 per user/month

* not available in free trial

Recruiterflow Pros and Cons


  • Applicant tracking system
  • Task management
  • Pipeline & activity reporting
  • Saved search


  • Clunky interface
  • Does not offer access to the network of other recruiters
  • High cost for small recruiting agencies
Searching for Recruiterflow alternatives, choose the software that allows you to easily manage clients, candidates, and jobs in the one intuitive interface. The other important issue is the Chrome extension to import candidates’ profiles into the recruitment CRM. In addition, the price matters, as small recruiting agencies and independent recruiters need a product they can easily use from day one.

Recruiting CRM is the Best Recruiterflow alternative.

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