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Create your Recruitment Agency Profile or Public Recruiter Profile in our free CRM for recruiters to attract new clients

Create an Agency profile to add multiple recruiters to your account to collaborate on the hiring process, and display your recruitment portfolio before prospective clients and candidates.
Provide extensive information about your Agency for prospective clients and candidates, including logo, website, and links to your social media accounts.

Ruben King
Independent IT Recruiter
4.5 of 18 company reviews
Successful placements
Closed Jobs
Company Profile

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Showcase your Candidate Pool on your own agency website

Display the candidate pool from your recruitment portfolio in CRM for recruiting on your personal or recruitment agency website.
Use our simple widget to place excellent candidates in front of your clients faster.
Using your anonymous candidate pool clients can sort through potential matches, narrowing down and selecting those that fulfill their requirements before approaching you to obtain more details about the candidate.

professionals in Ruben’s talent pool
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Thomas W.
12 years experience
New York / Remote
Include this section on your own website to showcase your talent pool.

Showcase your Skills and Focus Areas in your recruitment agency profile

Present your skills and focus areas, like the client's company size and the industries you specialize in.
Make your agency recruitment portfolio stand out before new clients. Add detailed information about the companies you’ve worked with before.

Amazon Inc.
(25k+ employees)
Seattle, United States
Apple Ltd.
Closed Jobs
90 Software Engineer
45 Quality Assurance Engineer
30 Customer Support
15 Product Manager
Client Companyy Size

Display Clients' and Candidates' Reviews within your recruitment agency profile

Present the clients whom you helped to recruit the best talent on the market and add the reviews from those who loved your work.

25 Aug, 2021
The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful search tools helped me find the perfect job in no time. With their powerful... Read More
Ian H.
Front End Developer
25 Aug, 2021
We were impressed with the ease of use of the system. The user interface is intuitive, and -....
Daniel Craig @Microsoft
Devision Manager
25 Aug, 2021
Monica Hay @Samsung
VP of Sales

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