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Begin your journey with Recruiting CRM without worrying about setup fees or monthly subscriptions. Experience full access to our best recruitment platform for recruiters at no cost.


Advanced Candidate Search & Management

Discover how our powerful search capabilities and streamlined candidate management system outperform Zoho Recruit, making it easier to find and place the perfect candidates.

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Unparalleled Recruiters’ Network

Expand your candidate sourcing beyond your database. Access a wider network of recruiters and leverage shared databases for an unmatched recruitment reach.

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What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that serves as a comprehensive solution for both staffing agencies and corporate HR departments.

Core Features of Zoho Recruit

  • Custom Workflow Creation: Allows the customization of recruitment workflows to align with specific organizational processes within recruitment management system.
  • AI Candidate Matching: Utilizes artificial intelligence to match candidates with job vacancies, aiming to reduce the time-to-hire.
  • Diverse Candidate Sourcing Channels: Offers a variety of sourcing options, including job boards, social media platforms, and an internal candidate database.
  • Automated Communication: Features automated communication tools for efficient engagement with candidates and coordination within hiring teams.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides customizable recruitment reporting tools and analytics for insight into the recruitment process, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Integration Capabilities: Facilitates integration with Zoho’s ecosystem and other third-party applications, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Zoho Recruit's platform is tailored to meet the needs of different recruitment scenarios:

  • For Staffing Agencies: It provides a suite of tools for managing the end-to-end recruitment cycle, from candidate sourcing to placement.
  • For Corporate HR Departments: It offers functionalities to optimize talent acquisition strategies, including candidate management and engagement.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

While Zoho Recruit offers a variety of plans to cater to different needs, RecruitingCRM presents a compelling advantage with its straightforward and cost-effective approach. Here’s how they stack up:

Zoho Recruit’s Pricing Structure:

Zoho Recruit provides a tiered pricing model designed to suit various stages of business growth, from individuals just starting to large, established agencies.

Their plans range from a Forever Free option to Enterprise solutions at €75/user/month. Each step introduces more features, accommodating the expanding needs of growing businesses.

  • Forever Free for basic needs with one active job.
  • Standard at €25/user/month, scaling up to 100 active jobs and essential integrations.
  • Professional at €50/user/month, introducing AI capabilities and advanced analytics.
  • Enterprise at €75/user/month, offering premium features for dynamic automation and bulk hiring.

While Zoho Recruit's tiered approach allows businesses to choose a plan that fits their current scale, it necessitates future upgrades as the agency grows, potentially leading to significant increases in cost.

The RecruitingCRM Advantage:

RecruitingCRM recruitment software for agencies shines with its completely free pricing model with an unlimited number of jobs. We believe that powerful recruiting software should be accessible to every agency, regardless of size or budget. Our platform eliminates the complexity and uncertainty of tiered pricing models by offering all our features at no cost.

  • Completely free recruiting crm: No tiers, no limits. Enjoy access to all features without worrying about subscription levels or hidden fees.
  • Full Feature Availability: From candidate management to advanced analytics, get everything you need to streamline your recruitment process for free.
  • Grow at Your Pace: As your agency expands, RecruitingCRM grows with you. There’s no need to upgrade or reassess your plan because all features remain freely available, allowing you to scale without increasing your expenses.
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Head-to-Head recruiting software comparison: Zoho Recruit vs. Recruiting CRM

Comparing the essential features shows why Recruiting CRM is the top recruitment agency software aiming for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive recruitment solutions.



Chrome extension

Recruitment network

Powerful search

Hiring pipeline

Collaboration suite


$15 - $75 per user/month
(Free option available with 1 job)


Zoho Recruit Pros and Cons


  • Applicant tracking system
  • Powerful candidate search
  • Advanced analytics
  • AI capabilities


  • Chrome extension is not available
  • Does not offer access to the network of other recruiters
  • Pricing is not suitable for small and medium recruitment agencies
While Zoho Recruit features include robust ATS functionality and integration capabilities, it falls short in providing a free version, accessibility to a broader recruiters’ network, and user-friendly pricing for smaller agencies. Exploring alternatives to Zoho Recruit, consider a solution that streamlines the management of clients, candidates, and job openings through a single, user-friendly interface. A crucial feature to look for is a Chrome extension that facilitates the seamless importation of candidate profiles directly into the recruitment CRM. Moreover, affordability is the key to recruitment management systems, especially for small recruiting agencies and independent recruiters who require a system that's accessible and ready to use right from the start.

Recruiting CRM is the Best Zoho Recruit alternative.

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