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Top 10 Twitter Recruiting Influencers You Can Follow to Up Your Recruiting Game

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Victoria Golovtseva
24th April, 2024 · 16 min read

86% of recruiters say the hiring experience is now candidate-driven.
60% of recruiters consider online degrees to be at par with regular degrees.
77% of companies haven’t slowed down hiring, despite an ongoing recession and layoffs.

These are all statements that were not true a few years ago but are solid facts now. In a few more years, they may go back to being untrue. This describes the volatility of the recruitment industry.

Companies and candidates are going back and forth as they try to figure out what’s best for them. Recruiters are caught in between, not quite knowing which road to follow or which hiring trend is here to stay.

This is where recruiting influencers on Twitter come in, armed with podcasts and newsletters to help you understand how to be a profitable recruiter despite all the noise in the industry.

This article will talk about 10 handpicked recruiting influencers, why you should follow them, and how to best implement the advice they give you.

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Top Ten Recruiting Influencers You Need to Follow

We’ve put together a list of experts who can inspire and educate you on better recruiting workflows, the latest trends, and general know-how.

Katrina Collier

She’s a well-known author, speaker, and trainer, focusing on helping recruiters up their skills and keeping up with new ways to hire.

She has also been rethinking the candidate experience for years, working to upend current trends like the weightage of salary history in the recruiting process. If you’re looking for a source who can inspire you to imbibe progressive practices into your hiring process, she’s the perfect candidate.

Key contributions

  • Author of "The Robot-Proof Recruiter" and upcoming book "Reboot Hiring"
  • Provides recruitment and candidate experience workshops
  • Keynote speaker on recruiting topics

Why follow her

  • Writes detailed articles on her website about trending hiring topics
  • Shares insights and advice on improving the candidate experience
  • Provides tips on how recruiters can stay relevant in an age of automation
  • Offers workshops and speaking engagements to help recruiters improve their skills

Louise Triance

She is known and loved as a connector in the UK recruiting community. She runs UK Recruiter which is a veritable feast of news, information, resources, and events. If you’re looking for a daily stream of information that keeps you updated with community events and general recruiting news, follow her. She also organizes live shows and events where recruiters can get together on and offline.

Key contributions

  • Managing Director and Head of Customer Support at UK Recruiter
  • Organizes live shows and events for the recruiting industry

Why follow her

  • Provides a platform (UK Recruiter) with resources for recruiting professionals
  • Highlights research and reports relevant to recruiters, such as studies on diversity and inclusion

Alex Moyle

Alex Moyle is a recruitment trainer, speaker, and author focusing on helping consultants and leaders improve how they tackle business development and lead their teams.

He is also an integral part of The Recruiting Gym which boasts a team of 12 trainers and coaches. He uses this platform to train in-house and agency recruiters alike, with an ever-growing list of topics ranging from recruitment, and digital marketing to motivation and self-development.

If you’re a business owner who also handles recruiting, Alex Moyle will give you a well-rounded take on everything you need to know about hiring and managing your enterprise.

Key contributions

  • Provides training and coaching for recruiters and leaders through Recruiting Gym
  • Hosts the "Leadership Dilemmas with Alex Moyle" podcast, addressing common challenges faced by recruiting leaders

Why follow him

  • Offers actionable advice and training resources for recruiters looking to improve their skills
  • Shares insights on leadership and managing recruitment teams effectively
  • There’s loads of content on business development, leadership, and recruitment best practices to look forward to

John Rose

John Rose has been in the recruiting game for a very long time, sharing insights on global sourcing and recruiting. He was formerly an agency recruiter and has ten years of experience that he bases his advice on.

If you’re a recruiter looking for ways to turn your career into a profitable business, instead of just fulfilling your daily in-house duties a recruiter, John Rose is the right mentor for you. He will make sure you understand the basic concepts of hiring before moving on to topics like social selling and keep you up-to-date on networking opportunities and industry events.

Key contributions

  • Global Strategic Talent Sourcer at Volvo Cars
  • Works remotely from the UK as a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Why follow him

  • Provides practical tips on using social media and networking for recruiting
  • Keeps followers informed about important industry events and conferences
  • Curates content from other influential recruiters, offering a diverse range of perspectives

Johny Campbell

Johnny Campbell is a known expert in the field and the founder of SocialTalent, a popular training platform for recruiters and HR specialists. SocialTalent provides a variety of courses and other content to help organizations enhance the skills needed for success in the talent market.

If you’re looking for a structured way to elevate your recruiting skills, this is a platform that will help you get there. Look forward to lots of practical advice from industry experts, and the energy of this platform is through the roof, something that is vital if you want to stick to effective learning alongside your full-time job.

Key contributions

  • Founded SocialTalent, a comprehensive training platform for recruiters and HR professionals
  • Brings together a network of industry experts to create valuable content and training materials for SocialTalent users

Reasons to follow

  • Shares practical tips and strategies for improving recruiting skills and staying up-to-date with industry trends
  • Provides insights and expertise on talent branding, sourcing, and candidate engagement

Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan is a recruiting leader with a witty take on things. He looks at the modern workplace differently and recognizes that it is only going to get more challenging in corporate in the next couple of years. Though his content delivery is humorous and light, he can still educate you on pressing topics like employee engagement, work-life balance, and office politics.

You can find him on a variety of platforms, from structured courses to newsletters. His Twitter account offers a break from the more serious and technical aspects of recruiting, while still providing valuable insights and food for thought.

Key contributions

  • Top 60 Global Influences in HR Tech
  • Author of “No More Bosses”
  • Chief Marketing Strategist at Marketing Sumo
  • Digital Marketing Director at Clickr Media

Why follow him

  • Hosts Rolling Stories, a podcast that interviews CHROs and HR leaders on their professional journeys
  • Has a weekly newsletter on entrepreneurship and simplifying your work processes
  • Offers a course that promises to help you create a personal brand on LinkedIn and monetize it

Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa is a popular recruiting expert, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Known for his ability to "find what cannot be found," Dean is a frequent speaker and trainer on advanced sourcing techniques and tools. A lot of his advice is focused on recruitment automation, an underutilized process you could use to master to multiply your recruiting gains.

He is also very active on LinkedIn.

Key contributions

  • Founder of The Search Authority, a staffing and recruiting consultancy
  • Senior Staff Talent Acquisition at Loc
  • Founding Managing Partner at recruiting community Evry1kheed Martin

Why follow him

  • Shares insights and tutorials on cutting-edge sourcing tools and techniques, such as Woodpecker
  • Provides up-to-date information and analysis on the latest trends and developments in the recruiting industry
  • Shares a wealth of knowledge and experience from his decades as a top-level sourcer and recruiter

Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is CEO of Unbridled Talent and Disrupt HR. Unbridled Talent is a talent strategy consultancy, so she can help you if you’re a business or HR leader looking to do more than just a good job. DisruptHR is a platform that serves as an information exchange, training organizations for the upcoming wave of disruptive technologies.

She’s got over 56,000 followers on Twitter and is a keynote speaker and podcaster.

Key contributions

  • CEO of Unbridled Talent
  • Chief Excitement Officer at DisruptHR

Reasons to follow

  • Publishes an Impact Maker weekly newsletter that will keep you updated on the newest processes and tools
  • Shares a lot of reading material that will help you get better at recruiting, and understanding candidate psychology

Lou Adler

During his four-decade career, Lou Adler has worked in every kind of recruiting role. There are a few other books authored and coauthored by him like "Hire with Your Head," "The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired", "8 Steps to a Better Job in 8 Days or Less", and “The Performance-Based Hiring Handbook”. Hailed as “The Original Headhunter”.

Lou Adler continues to serve as a distinguished speaker on topics such as performance-based hiring and talent acquisition.

Key contributions

  • CEO of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems
  • Author of several books that can help you ace recruiting

Why follow him

  • Offers practical advice and strategies for implementing performance-based hiring practices
  • Hosts book club sessions and webinars to discuss best practices in recruiting and talent acquisition
  • Shares personal updates and experiences that humanize the recruiting process and industry

Stacy Donovan Zapar

Stacy Donovan Zapar is a well-known consultant and trainer in the talent acquisition industry.

As the founder of The Talent Agency, she provides recruiter training, executive search services, and consulting to help organizations improve their hiring processes. She also reposts a lot of tweets by job-seekers, so if you’re looking for a useful account that can also provide you with recruiting leads, Stacy is a good follow. With over 35,000 followers on Twitter, Stacy is highly regarded in the recruiting industry.

Key contributions

  • Founder at The Talent Agency
  • Worked as a talent attraction strategist for several well-known companies

Why follow her

  • Offers practical tips and resources for recruiters looking to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends
  • Provides a platform for job seekers to connect with potential employers and opportunities

Why follow these influencers?

Recruiting can get complicated and challenging very quickly, and at times, it can feel like you don’t really know what you’re doing. Following industry experts is a good way to feel more confident in your recruiting decisions. Some other ways you can stand to gain are:

Get Updated Quickly

Recruitment influencers often share news or new research results related to talent acquisition, candidate experience, employer brand, and human resources technology.

By following them, you can keep up to date about what's happening with emerging trends and best practices for hiring, without having to do the research yourself.

If you’re recruiting for a smaller company or just starting out, you’re not going to have access to every upcoming trend or disruptive development which is why it can pay to follow experts.

Expand Your Network

You can leverage the followers of well-connected recruitment influencers to help you with networking, whether that is in the way of gaining new clients or building a roster of suitable candidates. You may even find potential mentors.

Either way, you get a solid foundation to build lively, engaging conversations that serve to further extend your network.

Find Motivation and Encouragement

As we’ve touched upon above, the field of recruitment can seem discouraging. Influencers are there for you with uplifting posts and stories of success that can help you manage the stress of hiring.

At the very least, even knowing that most recruiters are going through the same struggles you are can be enough on bad days.

Find Useful Resources

Many recruiting influencers share links to handy references like guides, templates, webinars, and online courses. You can take advantage of a whole wealth of knowledge and tools to help you raise your abilities and effectiveness level.

Following influencers on Twitter is a simple way to get bite-sized information and build connections.

Implementing Twitter influencer's strategies in your recruiting methods

Now that you know who to follow, and what you stand to gain from them, let’s get down to the brass tacks of it.

How do you make sure you’re not merely consuming their content, but putting it to use?

It can be easy to passively engage with influencers without utilizing their expertise.

Make a List of Tactical Tips

If Dean Da Costa shares a new Boolean hack to find passive candidates, make a note of it. Useful for the next time you are struggling to find some particularly difficult passive candidate.

If Katrina Collier shares “her latest InMail template that’s getting a better response” you may want to take a look at how your own InMails could be revamped in the same way. The key here is to try out these tips in real-life situations. You could be pleasantly surprised at how effective they often are.

Think Long-term

But don’t just rely on quick wins. Take what the influencers are saying and think about how it should inform your long-term recruiting strategy as well. Imagine that Alex Moyle just did his latest podcast on the dire need for your company to improve its employer branding to attract the best talent possible.

Think about what can be done to capitalize on that idea over the long term.

Could you work with the marketing team on ways to better promote your company’s culture and values on social media? Should you be encouraging more employee-generated content? Take the influencers’ ideas and run with them when you see fit.

Notice Recurring Trends

If you notice several influencers indeed talking about the same trend, like how more people will be working from home for the time being, you might want to focus on a more robust remote onboarding process.

Find overarching trends that will substantially impact your company’s employer branding in the long term, and then work on those.

Not that every trend any of them warns you about will matter in your specific work. When you do find something that you want to figure out more about from an influencer, you should dig deep.

Read the article that the influencer shared and then all the five that are linked from it dealing with the same subject, listen to the podcasts the influencer tends to subscribe to and mention, and even read the comments. The more you engage with an idea, the more you can tweak it for your specific context.

Ready to Up Your Recruiting Game?

Collating all this information from a range of influencers can be difficult, so start small. Pick one or two strategies that resonated with you and give them a try.

Maybe it's revamping your candidate outreach or experimenting with a new sourcing tool. The key is to keep learning and adapting.

While you do this, leverage the power of technology to streamline your processes. HR software like applicant tracking systems and CRMs can be a game-changer when it comes to staying organized and efficient.

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