Recruiting CRM & TalentRoom Unveils Public Jobs Marketplace: A Revolutionary Tool for Recruiters and Agencies

Bucharest, Romania

March 27, 2024

In a significant development poised to transform the recruitment industry, TalentRoom & RecruitingCRM announced the launch of the Public Jobs Marketplace. This innovative feature marks a milestone in TalentRoom and RecruitingCRM's development, offering recruiters and agencies an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate, share, and fill job positions more efficiently, especially those challenging to fill.

The Public Jobs Marketplace: A New Era in Recruitment

The TalentRoom ecosystem, renowned for empowering independent recruiters and agencies through cutting-edge technology, expands its horizons with the Public Jobs Marketplace. Designed to streamline the hiring process, the marketplace allows recruiters to publish and share job openings with a network of potential partners, facilitating the discovery of highly qualified talent for even the most niche or demanding positions.

Public Jobs Marketplace

Simplifying the Recruitment Process

With a focus on ease of use, the Public Jobs Marketplace introduces a seamless integration into the job creation process. Recruiters can now opt to publish new or existing jobs to the marketplace with just one click, significantly broadening the scope for candidate discovery and collaboration among recruiting professionals.

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount; TalentRoom guarantees no private information, such as customer names or sensitive job details, is publicly shared. Recruiters wishing to keep their job listings private can easily opt out, maintaining control over their recruitment strategy.

How does it work?

Publishing a job to the Public Jobs Marketplace is designed to be as effortless and straightforward as possible. Whether you're looking to cast a wider net for a challenging role or simply want to maximize your job's visibility, our one-click publishing feature streamlines the process, directly integrating with your current workflow in RecruitingCRM.

Here's how easy it is:

  • One-Click Publishing: When you create a new job within RecruitingCRM, you'll notice an option to simultaneously publish your job to the Public Jobs Marketplace. With just a single click, your job goes from being an internal listing to a publicly accessible opportunity, instantly increasing its exposure.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: We understand the importance of discretion in recruitment. That's why TalentRoom is committed to ensuring no private information, such as customer names or sensitive details, is shared on the marketplace. You have full control over what information goes public.
  • Immediate Publishing Option: If you're pressed for time and need to get your job listed without delay, you can opt to publish immediately. Simply add your public name, a compelling job description, and specify the split percentage. It's that simple.
  • Easy Access Through the Jobs Menu: To access the Public Jobs Marketplace, navigate to the new menu entry under "jobs" in your RecruitingCRM dashboard. Here, you'll find an intuitive interface designed for ease of use.
  • A Unified View of All Jobs: Once inside the marketplace, you'll see not only your own published jobs but also those posted by other recruiters and agencies. This integration fosters a collaborative environment, offering a rich selection of opportunities for candidates and simplifying the search process for recruiters.
  • Advanced Search and Filtering: Leveraging the same powerful search and filtering capabilities you're accustomed to, the marketplace makes it easy to find precisely what you're looking for, whether it's your next great hire or a partnership opportunity.

The Public Jobs Marketplace by TalentRoom and RecruitingCRM is about making your recruitment process more efficient, broadening your reach, and ensuring that you find the perfect match for every job, all with the simplicity and ease you've come to expect from us.

Feature-Rich Platform for Enhanced Collaboration

The launch of the Public Jobs Marketplace is accompanied by a suite of new features designed to enhance efficiency and collaboration among recruiters:

  • Direct Talent Shortlisting: Recruiters can now shortlist candidates directly from the job list, streamlining the talent acquisition process.
  • Sharable Job URLs: Open jobs on new pages, making it easier for teams to collaborate and share job listings.
  • Category Browser: Simplifies the job categorization process, ensuring jobs are accurately represented and easier to find.
  • Enhanced Job and Talent Search: Robust search and filtering capabilities mirror TalentRoom's private job search, ensuring recruiters can find the perfect candidates and opportunities.

Join the Hiring Revolution

Recruiters and agencies are encouraged to explore the Public Jobs Marketplace and discover how TalentRoom is changing the face of recruitment. For more information and to begin publishing jobs, visit TalentRoom's website.

About RecruitingCRM:

RecruitingCRM delivers free, intuitive recruitment software designed to revolutionize the workflow of independent recruiters and agencies alike. With features like the newly launched Advanced Reporting, RecruitingCRM reaffirms its commitment to providing solutions that are not only innovative but also directly respond to the needs of recruitment professionals.


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