RecruitingCRM Introduces Pioneering Features: Embedded Recruitment Calendar & Drag-and-Drop Functionality in Hiring Pipeline

New tools designed to empower recruiters with streamlined operations and enhanced control over the recruitment process

Bucharest, Romania

November 29, 2023

RecruitingCRM, a leading provider of intuitive recruitment software, unveils two groundbreaking features to further simplify and streamline the recruitment process for agencies and independent recruiters. These innovations demonstrate the company’s commitment to offering solutions that address the intricate challenges faced by recruitment professionals.

Embark on Organized Recruitment with the Embedded Recruitment Calendar

The Embedded Recruitment Calendar serves as a powerful planning assistant, providing a panoramic view of pivotal recruitment activities.

recruitment calendar hiring pipeline

Linked directly to the hiring pipeline, this feature guarantees that recruiters and agency leads can:

  • Efficiently Plan the Day: With a clear view of scheduled interviews, contract signings, and trial dates, planning becomes seamless.
  • Never Miss Opportunities: Consolidating all hiring events in one place eliminates the chance of overlooking crucial opportunities.
  • Monitor Contracts: Track contract expiration dates meticulously, ensuring timely renewals and payments.
  • Ensure Process Compliance: Recruitment managers can oversee daily activities, ensuring adherence to streamlined and efficient operational standards.

Experience Smooth Recruitment Flow with Drag-and-Drop Feature

The newly implemented Drag-and-Drop feature in the Hiring Pipeline introduces a user-friendly approach to managing recruitment transactions.

drag-an-drop in hiring pipeline

With this feature, users can easily:

  • Move Opportunities: Seamlessly advance opportunities through various stages of the recruitment funnel.
  • Accelerate Processes: Facilitate a quicker, more intuitive iterative process, reducing the time spent on managing each candidate's pipeline.
  • Skip Stages: With the ability to skip any stage, recruiters can efficiently keep up with each candidate's unique journey.

Comprehensive Hiring Pipeline Functionality:

RecruitingCRM continues to offer its robust Hiring Pipeline functionality, providing a visual representation of the recruitment process. With features allowing for visualization of all jobs and candidates, automatic addition of job opportunities, and efficient cooperation with clients through every stage, recruiters can efficiently track and manage the recruitment lifecycle.

About RecruitingCRM:

RecruitingCRM is a free, comprehensive recruitment software designed for agencies and independent recruiters, offering innovative solutions to make recruiters’ work easier and more efficient from day one. With features like LinkedIn Chrome Extension, user-friendly interface, and consolidated views of the hiring pipeline, RecruitingCRM is committed to revolutionizing the way recruiters work.


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