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10 Best Recruiting Software Solutions for Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

best recruiting software
Victoria Golovtseva
20th May, 2024 · 30 min read

With the number of HR software in the market with similar offerings, how do you decide which suits your business needs?

This article aims to give you a comprehensive summary of the best recruiting software available in 2024. Each comes with core recruiting functions, as well as other features that make hiring and assessing employees that much easier.

Ultimately, the software you choose will depend on which features will help you the most. Is it better interview scheduling and management? Or detailed reporting features? Maybe it’s one-click job postings and automated updates because you work for a bigger organization with lots of open roles to be filled year-long.

Let’s get started with the reviews.

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10 Best Recruitment Software at a Glance

Software Rating Free Trial Pricing Advanced Search Reporting Integrations  
RecruitingCRM 4.9 ✅(Unlimited) Free Learn more
Manatal 4.0 From $15/month/user Learn more
Recruit CRM 4.2 From $85 Learn more
Breezy HR 4.1 Free;$157/month Learn more
HiringThing 4.0 From $73 Learn more
Zoho Recruit 4.3 From $25 Learn more
Workable 4.5 From $149 Learn more
Jobvite 3.9 Custom Learn more
Ceipal 4.1 From $24/month with a five user minimum Learn more
JazzHR 4.0 From $75 Learn more

Our Methodology to Ranking Recruiting Software

At Recruiting CRM, we provide unbiased rankings and comprehensive information with complete editorial independence. We use an intense process combining product data, strategic analysis, and expert insights so you can make good decisions about your business.

To arrive at these rankings, many leading companies in the recruiting software space were initially screened. Each of them was taken through an evaluation based on carefully selected criteria: These criteria include important aspects such as:

  • Pricing transparency
  • Candidate sourcing capabilities
  • Client management features
  • Applicant tracking functionality
  • Compatibility with third-party integrations

Please note: Our rankings use a comprehensive scoring method developed by our editorial team. However, while we do try to keep information up-to-date and accurate, the rankings mentioned here are not specific to every business’s needs or priorities.

Therefore we recommend using our rankings just as a starting point and conducting research of your own before making any final decisions regarding recruitment software for your organization.

Learn more about how we scored the best recruiting software and add a link to the section our methodology at the end of the article.

Top 10 Best Recruiting Software: A Detailed Review

After our initial glance at the table above, let’s look at the software in detail.



Ideal for: Small to medium-sized recruitment agencies looking for a cost-effective solution


RecruitingCRM is meant to make the recruitment process easier for agents and self-employed recruiters. It brings together all customer and candidate data, facilitates teamwork, and automates outreach and communication to make hiring quicker and more productive.


  • It’s simple to manage candidates and clients from the same place
  • You can use advanced search and filtering for accurate candidate shortlisting
  • You can send customizable client proposals and contact them from the agency software, which looks very professional and creates a great first impression
  • Free for agencies and independent recruiters forever


  • May not cater to highly specialized recruitment needs

Candidate Management

Creating candidate profiles: RecruitingCRM makes adding and managing candidate information to a centralized database easy, making sorting through applicants a much more manageable task for later. You can also directly import LinkedIn profiles with the built-in Chrome extension instead of feeding the system manually.

Advanced searching and filtering techniques: RecruitingCRM doesn’t only centralize candidate data, it makes it easy for you to find specific profiles with its strong search functionalities within that database:

  • You can filter results according to roles, locations, or skills.
  • Other than these preliminary criteria, you can also filter for fields like years of work experience, desired company size, and expected salary package if you want to get exact matches for those openings.

Collaboration and communication with candidates: This saves all data related to each candidate so you can track conversations and get back to candidates quicker, giving your candidates a better experience regardless of whether they are hired or not.

Shortlists and candidate submissions: You can narrow down applicants into a shortlist within the tool itself and present them to clients with just a few clicks. This way you don’t have to make a separate list on a different platform, cutting down the time spent on this part of the recruitment process.

Applicant Tracking

Tracking of hiring pipeline stages: You can monitor your applicant statuses throughout all the hiring stages so you can reach out to engage candidates as they get deeper into the hiring funnel. You can also reach out in case of delays with hiring manager feedback or offer acceptances, speeding up the overall process in the long run.

Client Management

Job and client management: If you’re a lone recruiter or hiring for several departments at the same time, you can segment your different clients and vacancies on the platform. This way, you’re on on top of everything you need to do, but the information is carefully separated, helping you avoid confusion down the line.

Client proposals development: You can draw up sophisticated proposals and target high-ticket clients with RecruitingCRM’s built-in tools. You can speed up outreach with these custom-made proposals for every client and maintain professional correspondence at all times.

Contract management: With RecruitingCRM’s in-built tools, you can manage negotiations with clients and quickly settle on placement fees, warranties, and payment terms. Without the back-and-forth.

Compliance And Reporting

Reporting and analytics: You can generate comprehensive reports that help you pinpoint problem areas and improve your existing services.

When it comes to reporting to clients, you can select time frames and key metrics you want to showcase, generate them with a click, and send them over to your client, without having to assign manpower to compile that information together.

User Interface And Support

Intuitive usage: The interface is user-friendly, featuring three main sections for:

  • Client details
  • Open roles
  • Candidate profiles

The design on the platform is clean and minimalistic, so you wouldn’t face too much of a learning curve to use it.

Integration Capabilities

This software is integrated with LinkedIn using a Chrome extension that allows for seamless importation of candidate profiles into a database. This saves you the time it would have taken to enter this information manually.


RecruitingCRM is completely free, forever. It integrates with the TalentRoom recruiting marketplace, where you can anonymously showcase your candidates. If you manage to successfully place a candidate through the TalentRoom portal, you will be charged a platform fee.

Essentially, you do not have to pay to use RecruitingCRM to manage clients and candidates or track the hiring pipeline. You can access to all the features for free, and it is only when you use the integrated marketplace (which is chock-full of other recruiters and companies that are hiring) that are you charged a platform fee, and that is only if you successfully place a candidate.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are glowing. This is the perfect software for agencies and lone recruiters to use if they want an easy-to-use platform to manage their clients and candidates, import profiles quickly and monitor the hiring pipeline effectively, as you can see from the features above.


Ideal for: Small to medium-sized businesses and recruitment agencies


This AI recruitment software boosts the speed with which you can locate and hire candidates. It’s a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for you to stay on top of tasks with its Kanban format.


  • A customizable Kanban board view of the pipeline
  • AI-driven candidate recommendations
  • Profile enrichment from more than 20 social media platforms
  • Mobile on-demand application for talent search on the go
  • Customizable branded career page to showcase company culture and values


  • Navigation and UI could have been more intuitive


AI-powered candidate sourcing and recommendations: Manatal’s AI engine matches candidate profiles with job requirements, making it easy for you to find the right people for the open roles in your dashboard. This speeds up the screening process and helps you focus on the right candidates faster.

Customizable recruitment pipeline and Kanban board: Recruitment pipelines can be personalized through a simple drag-and-drop approach. You can view all your vital information side-by-side without having to click into every separate workflow.

Job posting on 2,500+ channels: You can promote your job on 2500 free & paid channels that are integrated into Manatal. This includes global, local & niche job boards.

Candidate profile enrichment: You can extract publicly available information about potential recruits (name, age, work experience) from their social media profiles to add to their resume data, giving you more information on whom to go with while screening applications.

Branded career page creation: Manatal lets you create customized branded career pages to present your company culture and values better. To do this manually and with your own design team is time-consuming and takes away manpower from other important functions.

Candidate onboarding and placement management: You can manage new hire placement and onboarding processes from within the platform. You can also personalize candidate milestones for a smooth transition from applicant to employee, helping both your client and employee with an end-to-end hiring process.

Integration Capabilities

Manatal integrates with several other software, like email providers to sync with candidate communication and Mailchimp to send out outreach and offer emails. It also integrates with multiple job boards, helping you post your job posts quickly and easily.


You can try any plan absolutely free for 14 days, no credit card required.

If you're an individual recruiter or working with a small team, the Professional plan at $15/user per month (billed yearly) will be enough for you. You'll get up to 15 jobs and 10,000 candidates per account, unlimited hiring managers, and a bunch of handy features like CV parsing and AI candidate recommendations.

For growing teams with more substantial needs, the Enterprise plan at $35/user per month (billed yearly) could be the way to go. You'll get unlimited jobs, candidates, and hiring managers, plus workflow automation to streamline your processes.

If you're an industry leader looking for even more, the Enterprise Plus plan at $55/user per month (billed yearly) is the one you need. On top of everything in Enterprise, you'll get user groups, single sign-on, Manatal's open API, priority support, and access to beta features.

Need something tailored to your unique needs? Manatal's Custom plan has got you covered, with custom integrations, features, a dedicated account manager, and phone support. Just reach out to the Manatal team for a personalized quote.

Customer Reviews

Manatal is an easy-to-use software, with a clean user interface and efficient customer support. It’s affordable and comes with a ton of features.

However, users have reported that it does not automate communication with candidates very effectively.

Recruit CRM

Ideal for: Any recruiting agency requiring a complete solution of ATS combined with CRM capabilities


Recruit CRM was created specifically to serve as an all-in-one tool for recruitment agencies to streamline their hiring processes. It combines features of a CRM with an ATS so you can manage relationships with customers and job applicants effectively.


  • All-in-one platform combining ATS and CRM
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks like data entry
  • Direct sourcing extension using Chrome for LinkedIn, Xing and Gmail Outlook


  • There is an extensive learning curve for this tool
  • Lack of detailed reporting and insight


Automates tasks easily: You can source and shortlist candidate profiles much faster with its resume parsing features. You will also find it easy to keep yourself updated on candidate applications with its candidate tracking features. It also presents information in a kanban view, making it easy for you to get updated with just a glance to make sure every candidate is where they should be in the hiring process.

Centralized database of client communications: Never miss a client update or candidate message with Recruit CRM’s in-built CRM functionalities.

Analytics and reporting: Recruit CRM comes with in-built reporting features that can make it easy to evaluate your performance, as well as deliver detailed reports to clients.


RecruitCRM integrates with over 5000 applications and can be connected to Zapier. This way you can set up triggers that will automatically propel your recruiting pipeline forwards based on specific actions.


You get an unlimited free trial with a cap on the number of candiates and companies. You'll get 50 candidates, 50 contacts & companies, 4 open jobs, email templates, and all the features from the website.

First, there's the Pro plan at $85/user per month (billed yearly). It's perfect for professionals just starting out, offering features like a Chrome sourcing extension, AI resume parsing, GPT integration, unlimited email templates, and more.

Next up, the Business plan at $125/user per month (billed yearly) is ideal for established firms looking to scale. You'll get everything in the Pro plan, plus automated email sequencing, an Executive Search Report generator, resume formatting, and the ability to create teams and custom roles, among other features.

For firms at scale with 100+ users, the Enterprise plan at $165/user per month (annual billing only) is the way to go. On top of everything in the Business plan, you'll get a custom SLA, custom branding, dedicated servers, custom limits for companies, candidates, and contacts, and a dedicated account manager.

What Users Say About Recruit CRM

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 74 total reviews
  • 69 5-star reviews, 3 4-star reviews, 1 3-star review, 0 2-star reviews, 1 1-star review
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Customer Support (27 mentions), Ease of Use (14), Helpful (9), Customizability (8)

Recruit CRM & ATS is consistently praised by users for its intuitive interface, powerful features, and excellent customer service that goes above and beyond to ensure success.

However, after some digging, we did find that there were some hiccups with automation.

Breezy HR

Idea for: Companies who want to optimize their hiring based on data-driven processes


Designed to help you find employees faster, Breezy HR is chock-full of features that bring the recruitment process together, from advertising open positions to offer management.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple integrations and automation
  • Easy to collaborate with teams on the platform
  • Multiple templates that are ready to use


  • Inaccurate reporting functions, with a lack of focus on demographics and race
  • Too expensive for occasional hiring needs


Job advertising on 50+ top job sites: Breezy HR enables you to post job openings across over fifty leading job sites with a single click. This increases visibility and attracts a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Customizable careers site creation: You can create a customizable careers site to showcase your employer brand and attract top talent. They can be tailored to reflect the company's culture, values, and unique selling points.

Automated recruiting functions: Breezy HR automates various tasks in the recruitment process such as candidate pre-screening, sending emails, and scheduling interviews.

Offer management: It facilitates offer management so you can create and track job offers seamlessly.

Mobile app: The app enables remote hiring so that you can review candidates or make decisions anywhere you are.

Library of 800+ HR and recruiting templates: These templates will save you the time and energy you’d have to spend creating the documents from scratch for various recruitment functions.


To smoothen different parts of a hiring exercise, Breezy HR integrates with systems on background check, personality test as well as staff management. Integrations with HRIS systems make it easy for you to provide a smooth transition from candidate to employee.


You can start with a 14-day, full-feature free trial, no credit card required.

First up, there's the Bootstrap plan, which is completely free forever. It's for startups or small businesses, offering all the basics for one active position or candidate pool at a time. You'll get unlimited users, candidates, and access to recent candidates added within the last 30 days.

Next, the Startup plan at $157/month (billed annually) is ideal for companies looking to get off the ground with enhanced hiring tools. You'll get everything in the Bootstrap plan, plus features like a branded career site, distribution to 50+ job boards, and GDPR compliance & automation.

The most popular plan is the Growth plan at $273/month (billed annually). It's perfect for growing teams looking to hire better together, with features like customizable pipeline stages, iOS & Android mobile apps, and real-time analytics & reporting.

For ultimate hiring control and flexibility, the Business plan at $439/month (billed annually) has got you covered. You'll get everything in the Growth plan, plus advanced features like customizable interview guides, employee referrals, and custom roles & permissions.

Breezy HR also offers optional add-ons like SMS/Text Messaging, AI-powered Candidate Match Score, and Incognito Apply to reduce bias in your hiring process. These can be added to any plan for an additional monthly fee.

And if you need even more advanced features or enhancements, the Pro plan includes everything in the Business plan, plus options for a dedicated Account Manager, Advanced Reporting, SSL enforcement on custom domains, and data export/import.

Remember, all paid plans include unlimited users, candidates, and customer support, making Breezy HR perfect for fast-growing companies from 10 to 10,000 employees. Plus, annual pricing includes 2 months free.

What Users Say About Breezy HR

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 630 total reviews
  • 434 5-star reviews, 159 4-star reviews, 24 3-star reviews, 8 2-star reviews, 5 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (81 mentions), Simple (26), Customer Support (23), Automation Dominance (17), Helpful (17)

Users praise Breezy HR for its intuitive interface, powerful features that streamline the recruiting process, and responsive customer support team that ensures success.

We found that Breezy HR can work on its drag-and-drop features, according to some users:

Some also say that if you’re not hiring continuously, Breezy HR is an expensive investment.


Ideal for: Agencies looking to manage multiple clients and centralize hiring


HiringThing is a modern talent and onboarding platform that embeds AI-powered talent solutions into your existing systems


  • Customizable white-label solution to align with brand identity
  • AI-powered features for candidate matching and resume parsing
  • Integrated hiring ecosystem with seamless data transfer
  • Rich library of pre-built integrations and add-ons


  • No way to sort templates, which can slow you down if you have several to work with
  • It might take time to sync new applicants to a database


White-label solution: Fully customize the platform's appearance and branding to align with your organization's identity. Pick which specific functionalities and features to include in the white-label solution that fit your needs precisely and integrate them into your existing workflows.

AI-powered talent platform: Leverage AI-driven features to speed up the recruitment process. Enjoy intelligent candidate matching as well as resume parsing to place and screen candidates faster.

Integrated hiring: Connect the platform with preferred networks and systems to create a unified efficient hiring ecosystem. Seamlessly transfer data between the hiring platform and existing HR systems to minimize manual data entry while ensuring consistency.


Access a rich library filled with pre-built integrations together with add-ons allowing you to expand your platform’s functionality & connectivity where necessary.


You can start with a free 14-day trial that includes access to all features and up to 5 active jobs.

HiringThing offers flexible plans starting at just $73 per month, and the pricing scales up and down as your recruiting needs change.

All plans come with unlimited users, so you can invite as many team members as you need to collaborate on hiring. Plus, you'll have access to all of HiringThing's powerful features, including AI-assisted resume screening, custom branding, a branded careers page, and workflow configuration.

During your free trial, you can create up to 5 active jobs and explore core features like free job board distribution, premium support, a form builder for custom application forms, applicant tagging, and message templates.

What Users Say About HiringThing

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 28 total reviews
  • 22 5-star reviews, 6 4-star reviews, 0 3-star reviews, 0 2-star reviews, 0 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (5 mentions), Customer Support (2), Customization Focus (1), Easy Access (1), Easy Navigation (1)

HiringThing impresses users with its intuitive interface, powerful functionality, and top-notch customer support. The platform makes it simple to manage the full hiring process from job posting to applicant tracking.

However, users have complained that it takes time for a candidate to be added to the database.

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Zoho Recruit

Ideal for: Internal teams and staffing agencies of all sizes


Zoho is a comprehensive ATS that also has many CRM features that include scalability, customization and remote hiring features.


  • Scalable and customizable ATS with CRM features
  • Automated job posting to 75+ job boards and social media
  • Real-time candidate tracking and advanced analytics
  • Customizable automation rules for recurring tasks
  • Mobile app for hiring on the go


  • Integration is difficult
  • Customer support has been reported to be poor, with quality improving only with upgraded support packages
  • Steep learning curve due to limited


Automated job posting and search functionalities: Post jobs on 75+ job boards with a single click, maximizing visibility and reaching a wide range of potential candidates.

Social media share buttons also allow you to share job listings instantly to increase audience reach, especially to reach those who are not yet actively searching. Advanced search functionalities let you filter candidates to help identify the most relevant talents.

Candidate tracking and engagement: Monitor all candidates during the entire recruitment process, with real-time updates as candidates move through stages. Advanced analytics provide insights into recruitment processes so you can identify bottlenecks & keep reiterating your workflows.

Zoho also enables personalized communication to keep your candidates posted on developments through emails.

Workflow management: Automate recurring functions such as interview scheduling, email communication, and status updates.

You can customize these automation rules based on specific criteria or stages in the hiring process and combine them with reminders to smoothly move from interviewing employees to onboarding them.

Collaborative hiring and mobile app: Use these tools to help hiring team members submit feedback, notes, and results from evaluation forms. The mobile app helps you manage your hiring activities while on the go.


Zoho Recruit has over 50 integrations, including Zoho CRM, Slack, Zoho Sign, Zoho Analytics, Outlook, and LinkedIn.


You can start with a free plan that includes basic features like candidates, clients, contacts, interviews and notes management, as well as a career site with free job postings.

First up, the Standard plan at $25/recruiter/month (billed annually) or $30/recruiter/month (billed monthly) is perfect for growing teams. You'll get everything in the free plan, plus 100 active jobs, tasks, events, and call logs, resume parsing (250/day), and formatted/branded resumes.

Next, the Professional plan at $50/recruiter/month (billed annually) or $60/recruiter/month (billed monthly) is ideal for established teams looking to streamline their recruiting process. You'll get everything in the Standard plan, plus 250 active jobs, forecasts, pre-screening, semantic search, mass email (500/day/org), and custom reports.

For larger organizations with advanced recruiting needs, the Enterprise plan at $75/recruiter/month (billed annually) or $90/recruiter/month (billed monthly) has got you covered. You'll get everything in the Professional plan, plus 750 active jobs, unlimited resume parsing, advanced branded resumes, auto-responders, custom modules, and territory management.

What Users Say About Zoho Recruit

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 1,686 total reviews
  • 1,110 5-star reviews, 498 4-star reviews, 59 3-star reviews, 9 2-star reviews, 10 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (137 mentions), Customizability (60), Customization Focus (38), Efficiency (36), Comprehensive Features (35)

Zoho Recruit receives high praise from users for its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options that adapt to unique workflows, and robust feature set that streamlines the entire recruitment process from sourcing to hiring.

Users have complained about speed and export features.


Ideal for: Remote recruiting firms looking for speed and quality


Workable helps you find and hire the right candidates faster. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that facilitate the hiring process, from job advertising to making an offer, much like Breezy HR.


  • A comprehensive suite of features for an end-to-end hiring process
  • AI-driven candidate matching and searching
  • Advanced referral systems to leverage employee networks
  • Efficient interview management with self-scheduling and video interviews
  • Seamless communication and collaboration among the hiring team


  • The system can lag sometimes
  • Lack of flexible pricing options


Automated job posting: Easily post advertisements on over 200 free and paid-for job boards at once, reaching millions upon millions of potential applicants.

Searchable CVs: With AI-driven candidate matching and one-click candidate searches, Breezy HR makes it easy to find suitable candidates for any position.

Advanced referrals systems: Engage your employee network to promote vacancies within the company and fill positions faster. Breezy HR makes referring candidates more satisfying for your existing employees by game-flying the system.

Interview management: Breezy HR offers a suit of features when it comes to setting up and sorting through interviews:

  • Enables applicants to self-schedule interviews without unnecessary back-and-forth, speeding up the hiring process and making it less taxing.
  • Employs multi-segment interviews for candidates that can be assessed by several stakeholders.
  • Native unidirectional video interviews allow screening multiple candidates without you or any hiring managers having to show up in person. This also allows you more time to gain insights into their personality traits & skills.

Communication and collaboration: Synchronize emails and calendars seamlessly so that you can liaise effectively with applicants and the other members of the hiring team.

Customized interview packs: Analyze candidates objectively with scorecards that enable standardized evaluation processes and make it easy to gather structured feedback from interviewers.

Offer management and onboarding: Generate electronic offer letters with e-signing options available for quick acceptance. This also ensures that any offer made goes through certain approval steps before being sent out, without having to be in the same office.


Workable integrates with LinkedIn and 70+ other third-party tools like Google, Indeed, Facebook among other applications for background checks and assessments.


You can start with a 15-day free trial that includes the complete feature set of the Standard plan, no credit card needed.

First up, the Starter plan at $149/month (paid monthly) is ideal for occasional hiring and essential HR needs. It's perfect for companies with up to 50 employees, offering core recruiting features, 2 active jobs, a hiring plan, and 5 native language options. You also get HR features like time-off management, employee onboarding, and e-signatures for company files.

Next, the Standard plan, available as a monthly or annual subscription, is designed for consistent hiring and enhanced HR. Prices start at $313/month (or $3,756/year with a 10% bundle discount) for 1-20 employees and scale up based on your company size. You'll get everything in the Starter plan, plus unlimited active jobs, premium tools (like texting, video interviews, and assessments) for an additional monthly fee, and all the free HR features.

For companies looking for strategic hiring and HR, the Premier plan is the way to go. It's available as an annual subscription, with prices starting at $628/month ($7,536/year with a 10% bundle discount) for 1-20 employees and scaling up based on your company size.

You'll get everything in the Standard plan, plus all the premium tools (texting, video interviews, and assessments) included, as well as advanced features and services like single sign-on support, premium support, and custom account onboarding.

What Users Say About Workable

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 418 total reviews
  • 326 5-star reviews, 75 4-star reviews, 13 3-star reviews, 2 2-star reviews, 2 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (46 mentions), Simple (14), Helpful (12), Efficiency (10), Integrations (9)

Users say Workable has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire hiring process from job posting to candidate management.


Ideal for: Enterprises looking to get predictable hiring outcomes at scale


Jobvite is an end-to-end talent acquisition suite that streamlines complex recruiting workflows. It integrates into your existing tech stacks to enhance candidate pipeline speed-ups, faster hiring outcomes, and process optimizations.


  • End-to-end talent acquisition suite for enterprises
  • Seamless integration with the existing tech stack
  • Exceptional candidate and hiring team experiences
  • AI-driven automation for recruitment marketing and employer branding


  • Primarily designed for large enterprises, may not be suitable for small businesses
  • Implementation can be tricky
  • Customer support can be slow


End-to-end talent acquisition suite: Get access to a comprehensive, purpose-built suite that covers the complete talent acquisition life cycle. This includes features that speed up requisition fulfillment, reduce time-to-hire as well as improve the quality of candidates.

Exceptional candidate & hiring team experiences: With Jobvite’s tools, you can:

  • Ensure that candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers have exceptional interactions and experiences.
  • Reduce recruiter strain through intuitive tools and automated workflows.
  • Keep hiring teams in sync throughout, so they can make decisions rapidly while communicating effectively.

Recruitment marketing and employer brand optimization: You can automate sourcing and outreach to scale recruiting efforts effectively without losing personalization in communications. It lets you be proactive with candidate communication, enhancing the experience for them regardless of the outcome.

Exceptional candidate and hiring team experiences: Like a lot of its competitors on this list, Jobvite also makes it very easy to stay in sync with every stage of the hiring funnel, making it equally intuitive to stay in touch with both candidates and hiring managers.


Jobvite can integrate the existing infrastructure of enterprises (like your HCM tech stack), so you do not need to build the whole funnel from scratch just to accommodate the tool.


Jobvite doesn't publicly share its pricing, so offers can vary depending on your company's specific needs and negotiations.

While we can't give you an exact quote, we can provide some helpful insights based on market data. Here's a rough idea of what Jobvite might cost per year, based on the number of employees in your organization:

  • 1-50 employees: around $4,500
  • 51-100 employees: around $6,500
  • 101-250 employees: around $12,000
  • 251-500 employees: around $23,000
  • 501-1000 employees: around $42,500
  • 1001-2500 employees: around $65,000
  • 2501-5000 employees: around $110,000

Keep in mind that these are just ballpark figures, and your actual costs may be higher or lower depending on your specific requirements and any negotiated discounts.

What Users Say About Jobvite

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 578 total reviews
  • 295 5-star reviews, 184 4-star reviews, 60 3-star reviews, 25 2-star reviews, 14 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (39 mentions), Customizability (14), Easy Navigation (11), Easy Tracking (8), Helpful (8)

Users appreciate Jobvite's user-friendly interface that allows them to easily navigate the platform and manage candidates through the hiring process.

However, users have complained that Jobvite needs to work on its templates, integrations, and general navigation.


Ideal for: Huge teams with diverse needs looking for an all-in-one solution


Ceipal is an all-rounded recruiting software solution for various applications like in-house hiring teams, and staffing agencies. It comes with integrated applicant tracking system, candidate relationship management system and workforce management solution.


  • All-inclusive and flexible recruitment platform
  • AI-driven features for job posting, candidate sourcing, and matching
  • Customizable workflows and reporting
  • Workforce management capabilities


  • Software can lag due to the sheer number of people using it during peak times
  • Lacks options to customize templates

It also provides a vendor management system for companies outsourcing hiring to agencies.


Job posting: Ceipal features give you AI-generated job summaries and integrate with 50+ job boards, meaning you won’t have to worry about writing or manually posting these jobs to the appropriate platforms. You can also generate customizable application forms and screening questions to gather specific information about candidates and quickly pre-qualify them.

Candidate sourcing and matching: Ceipal sources passive candidates from different online profiles automatically while assessing various job requirements to auto-match or rank them accordingly. You can use semantic search to look up specific skills for future candidate pipelines.

Outreach and scheduling: You can create automated and personalized campaigns aimed to nurture talent into the funnel, and automatically schedule interviews. It comes with a self-scheduling option to allow candidates to select interview slots of their preference.

Interview management: Ceipal comes with a variety of interview tools that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of conducting interviews:

  • AI-generated questions
  • Customized evaluations forms
  • Scorecards with structured feedback

Onboarding: You can create customizable workflows, tasks, and e-signatures for offer letters/employment contracts to build a complete onboarding process quickly.

Reporting and analytics: You can create custom reports with diversity and inclusion analytics and other key recruitment metrics. You can address specific aspects of the recruitment process to identify bottlenecks, which is why Ceipal is a useful tool for bigger companies that have to worry about compliance.

Workforce management: Track employee lifecycle stages such as HRA management, timekeeping system, leave/absence tracking mechanism, payroll/benefits administration facility, and performance appraisal goal setting.


It can integrate with multiple video conferencing platforms and accounting software like QuickBooks and ADP Run for financial management.


Ceipal believes that one price doesn't fit all, so they offer flexible pricing options to ensure you're only paying for what you need.

Ceipal ATS has a single pricing edition that starts at just $24 per user per month. This plan includes a ton of powerful features, such as:

  • Unlimited resume parsing
  • Comprehensive job requisition
  • Hassle-free job posting
  • Applicant acquisition
  • Talent bench organization
  • Efficient eBoarding
  • Consolidated placement information
  • Integrated CRM
  • Recruitment lifecycle automation
  • 24x5 support
  • Plug-ins and integrations
  • Free, comprehensive training
  • Free data migration (when importing from another ATS)
  • Dedicated support rep

Ceipal ATS offers a free trial, so you can test drive the platform and see how it can streamline your recruiting process before committing to a paid plan.

It's worth noting that minimum seat and term requirements apply, and while data migration is free when importing from another ATS, additional fees may apply for migration from native drives.

What Users Say About Ceipal ATS

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars overall rating on G2, with 1,185 total reviews
  • 952 5-star reviews, 204 4-star reviews, 21 3-star reviews, 2 2-star reviews, 6 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (287 mentions), Helpful (83), Integrations (77), Easy Tracking (62), User Interface (57)

Recruiters appreciate the time savings and efficiency gains the platform delivers.

Users have reported that Ceipal needs to work on its search features.


Ideal for: Small businesses looking for a comprehensive tool


JazzHR is a comprehensive recruiting software designed specifically for small businesses. The software provides applicants with access to a centralized applicant pool that begins from job posting to candidate evaluation.


  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, so no learning curve
  • Customizable career pages to showcase employer brand
  • Advanced applicant tracking system (ATS) features
  • Collaborative hiring with role-based access control


  • Workflows can be confusing
  • Reporting can be limited


Employer branding: JazzHR provides flexible career sites that are fully customizable in terms of employer identity, values, and employee experiences. These pages can be designed with branding elements, content, and multimedia with a few clicks.

Candidate sourcing: JazzHR lets you post on 50 job boards with one click, automatically posting jobs on social media sites. You can also use their customized application forms to gather specifics about applicants.

Applicant database: You can build an extensive candidate database and filter through it when required with advanced search options. JazzHR can extract information from CVs and make them into structured profiles, helping you skip all tedious manual entries.

Candidate experience: JazzHR is a great platform to host a branded and mobile-friendly application process. Communication can be automated to keep candidates informed and engaged at every stage with timely updates and notifications. JazzHR’s self-scheduling feature also allows candidates to select their interview slots based on availability.

Collaborative hiring: The software deploys role-based access control so that each team member has the right visibility levels as well as permissions for specific functions. All changes are notified in real-time such as new candidate applications, tasks assigned to others, and progress updates — so no manual checking for you.


The JazzHR Marketplace serves as a central hub where you can explore and learn more about the specific integrations available to you.


JazzHR offers a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

JazzHR offers simple, transparent pricing with powerful recruiting software that can help you streamline your hiring process.

First up, there's the Hero plan at just $75 per month (billed annually). It's perfect for emerging teams looking for effortless hiring essentials. You'll get 3 active jobs to start (with the option to add more for just $9 per job per month), job posting & syndication, and access to add-ons like candidate texting and Zoom integration.

Next, the Plus plan at $269 per month (billed annually) is ideal for growing businesses that need powerful recruiting tools. You'll get everything in the Hero plan, plus unlimited active jobs and access to even more add-ons like offers & eSignatures, advanced visual reporting, and all-access support.

For teams looking to maximize their hiring potential, the Pro plan at $420 per month (billed annually) is the way to go. This comprehensive suite includes everything in the Plus plan, with offers & eSignatures, advanced visual reporting, all-access support, and Zoom integration all included at no extra cost.

What Users Say About JazzHR

We highlight aggregate user review scores at the top of every page and summarize the most frequently mentioned keywords from customer reviews.

  • 4 out of 5 stars overall rating on Capterra, with 474 total reviews
  • 308 5-star reviews, 121 4-star reviews, 31 3-star reviews, 7 2-star reviews, 7 1-star reviews
  • Mentioned most often in reviews: Ease of Use (45 mentions), Customer Service (19), Features (17), Value for Money (13), Helpful (12)

Recruiters appreciate the ease of use, helpful features for streamlining hiring processes, good customer service, and value for money that JazzHR provides.

However, JazzHR needs to work on its reporting features, according to users.

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How to choose the best recruiting software

Now that you’ve gone through our product shortlist, follow these practical tips when deciding which software to go with:

  • Find out what you need: Assess your present recruiting methods and identify areas where support is much needed, such as finding candidates, tracking applicants, or managing interviews.
  • Determine your budget: Prioritize how much money should be allocated for recruitment software and search for the most cost-effective solution. Remember that there could be other expenditures like implementation charges and training costs.
  • Consider user-friendliness: Opt for an intuitive and easy-to-use software package that can be quickly adopted by the hiring team without a giant learning curve.
  • Check integration capabilities: Acquire a recruiting tool that can effortlessly link up with existing HR systems in use, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), HRIS (Human Resource Information System), or background check provider.
  • Look ahead into future needs: Choose software products that can grow along with companies — something that will scale up to handle larger recruitment demands or serve more users once the team expands, so you don’t have to build a brand new system again when that happens.
  • Read reviews: Explore customer feedback from small businesses similar to yours to clarify if it works effectively, is reliable, and is well supported by vendor staff.
  • Try demos whenever possible: Get free trials before committing yourself to a purchase since many recruitment software providers have free demos. This trial period tests its performance against your requirements. RecruitingCRM is a completely free platform, so you can test it out indefinitely to see if it is what you need.

Our Methodology

Our Scoring System Explained for Recruitment CRM Software

Our comprehensive scoring system is designed to help you quickly and fairly understand the potential value of any recruitment software we review. It was developed after evaluating dozens of software products, aiming to provide a direct and simple way for readers to compare products on their merits without spending excessive time searching through detailed articles.

Every software review includes scores across 12 key categories, each contributing to the overall score. These factors are weighted based on the needs and preferences of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the recruitment industry. Below, we explain our methodology and scoring process in detail.

How We Calculate Overall Scores

The 12 factors reviewed are weighted based on an overall total of 100%, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive assessment. Each factor is scored on a 10-point scale (0-10), with scores aggregated to provide the final overall score.

Our scoring system is designed to provide an in-depth, fair, and easy-to-understand evaluation of recruitment CRM software, helping you make informed decisions for your business. By breaking down each component and explaining its significance, we aim to offer a transparent and comprehensive review process that aligns with your specific needs.

Methodology for Each Factor

Candidate Sourcing (10%)

This factor evaluates the software's ability to source candidates efficiently. It includes integration with third-party job boards, resume scanning for keywords, and automated job ad distribution to potential candidates.

  • Integration with Job Boards: Assess how well the software connects with popular job boards.
  • Resume Scanning: Evaluate the effectiveness of keyword scanning and matching.
  • Automated Job Ad Distribution: Look at how the software automates the posting of job ads.

Candidate Management (10%)

This assesses how well the software manages candidate profiles, tracks communication, and facilitates team collaboration.

  • Candidate Profiles: Ease of creating and managing detailed candidate profiles.
  • Communication Tracking: Ability to log and track all communication with candidates.
  • Team Collaboration: Features that support collaboration among recruiters.

Applicant Tracking (10%)

We evaluate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) capabilities, including job requisition management, background check integration, and onboarding tools.

  • Job Requisition Management: Ease of creating and managing job requisitions.
  • Background Checks: Integration with background check services.
  • Onboarding Tools: Features that facilitate the onboarding process.

Client Management (8%)

This factor looks at how easily the software allows posting job openings across various channels, including job boards and social media.

  • Job Posting: Ease of posting jobs to multiple channels.
  • Social Media Integration: Effectiveness of integrating with social media platforms for job postings.

Reporting and Analytics (5%)

This assesses the software's reporting and analytics capabilities, including the creation of custom reports, monitoring key recruitment metrics, and providing actionable insights.

  • Custom Reports: Flexibility in creating reports tailored to specific needs.
  • Key Metrics: Ability to monitor and track important recruitment metrics.
  • Actionable Insights: Quality and usefulness of insights provided by the analytics.

Resume Database (8%)

We look at features related to the resume database, such as parsing resumes, searching for specific skills or keywords, and maintaining a centralized candidate repository.

  • Resume Parsing: Accuracy and efficiency of parsing resumes.
  • Skill/Keyword Search: Effectiveness of searching for specific skills or keywords.
  • Centralized Repository: Ease of maintaining and accessing a centralized candidate database.

Total Usability (10%)

This factor examines the overall user-friendliness of the system, including ease of navigation, learning curve, and user experience.

  • Navigation: Intuitive design and ease of navigating the software.
  • Learning Curve: Time required to learn and become proficient with the software.
  • User Experience: Overall satisfaction with using the software.

Customization & Flexibility (7%)

We analyze whether the software allows customization of workflows, templates, and branding to meet company-specific needs.

  • Workflow Customization: Flexibility in customizing recruitment workflows.
  • Template Customization: Ability to customize email and document templates.
  • Branding: Options to incorporate company branding.

Integrations (5%)

This assesses the software's ability to integrate with other HR systems, such as assessment tools, onboarding platforms, and background check providers.

  • HR System Integration: Compatibility with other HR systems.
  • Assessment Tools: Integration with candidate assessment tools.
  • Background Checks: Ease of integrating with background check providers.

Free Trial Availability (10%)

We consider the availability and length of free trials, allowing users to thoroughly test the software before purchasing.

  • Trial Length: Duration of the free trial period.
  • Feature Access: Availability of full features during the trial.

Cost (10%)

This evaluates the pricing structure, affordability, and value for money, including monthly subscription costs, user limits, and additional fees.

  • Pricing Structure: Transparency and clarity of the pricing model.
  • Affordability: Overall cost-effectiveness of the software.
  • Value for Money: Comparison of features offered relative to the cost.

Reviews (7%)

We take into account user reviews and ratings from various sources to gauge overall customer satisfaction, ease of use, and the software’s effectiveness in meeting SMB needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Feedback on user satisfaction.
  • Ease of Use: User ratings on the ease of use.
  • Effectiveness: Reviews on how well the software meets business needs.

Investing in the Right Recruiting Software for Your Small Business

Our assessment of the 10 best recruiting software suppliers is based on the functionalities they offer candidate management, job posting, reporting and analytics, resume database, and customer support. We’ve aimed to give you a holistic view of each tool.

Before you make your choice, define your recruitment needs. Take advantage of any free trial offers available by thoroughly testing out different software against your requirements.

RecruitingCRM offers an unlimited free trial, only charging when you successfully place candidates. With us, there is no rush to decide which software is the one for you.

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